This is a work in progress, probably not yet ready for use!

Varda is an application for storing genomic variation data obtained from next-generation sequencing experiments, such as full-genome or exome sequencing of individuals or populations. Variants can be imported from standard formats such as VCF files and annotated with their frequencies in previously imported datasets.

Varda is implemented as a service exposing a RESTful HTTP interface. Two clients for this interface are under development:

  • Manwë - Python client library and command line interface to Varda.
  • Aulë - Web interface to Varda.

Please see the tutorial for how to get started with all of these components.


The tutorial shows you how to setup Varda with the Aulë web interface and Manwë command line client, and how to import and query an example dataset.

Additional notes

This part contains some notes for developers and other random notes. It needs work, sorry about that.

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